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Buhari, His Media Aide and the Continuous Insult on The Political Head Of Nigerian Christians, By Ena Ofugara


Two seats are placed side by side in governance of Nigeria, the seat of the Sultan of Sokoto and thatof CAN president. Again, Buhari’s social media mouthpiece, Onochie, decides she can insult the political head of Christians in Nigeria. No one in APC including Past pastor Osinbajo or New Pastor Remi Tinubu who are both members of CAN are calling her to order. Does this not show that Buhari and power is more important to them than Jesus or the politics of saving Christianity and the lives of Christians and reverend fathers etc slaughtered ceaselessly.

I do not call women ugly. But I typed it and deleted it when I wanted to talk about this ugly thing called Lauretta Onochie.

Can she say same thing to an Imam, how much more the Sultan of Sokoto? Can she not rebutt without name-calling? Or is this how ugly women appointed to positions speak?

Guardian report
Media aide of the Nigeria president, Lauretta Onochie, went on a tirade against the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Dr Samson Olasupo in an open letter posted on her Facebook page. The vitriolic post featured heavy name-calling and innuendoes against the pastor who has been critical of Muhammadu Buhari’s appointments. Dr Olasupo said that the appointments by the president were lopsided favouring the Muslim majority North. In May, the Pastor had advised Buhari to suspend his second term bid and address the security challenges in the country.

In her response, Onochie’s strongly-worded two-paged letter sought to tackle the ‘deliberate misinformation’ by the CAN president on the lopsided appointments but it devolved crassly into an acerbic potshot.

Very quickly into the letter, Onochie stated with certainty that the Christian association president did not hold Jesus Christ sacred before she proceeded to hypothesize that he is a paid agent.

She said CAN’s prerogative under the leadership of Olasupo, “is that members of your religious organisations only, are appointed as a way of boosting your income throw (sic) tithes and offerings that accrue to you.”

The social media aide said she wrote the letter with the belief in her heart that the CAN president has “strayed from the path of righteousness, peace and love; paths, ordained by God for his sons to follow.” She further questioned if he was ever on that path.

Evil sentimentalist
Onochie noted that the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has at different times quashed ‘the myth, the lies and fabrications’ of the Olasupo with facts and figures. She said the cleric, however, is adamant, seeking “the next appointment to regurgitate the same evil sentiments.”

Child of the Devil
A constant thread in the letter was Onochie calling the president of the Nigeria Baptist Convention a liar. “Misinformation is a fancy word for lies and bearing false witnesses,” Onochie said. She quoted biblical passages about the false witnesses and liars that puts the devil as the father of lies before ultimately insinuating that the “hottest part of hell” is reserved for him.

Onochie wrote, “The bible, goes on to define the genealogy of liars. John 8:44 says to you:

“You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He (the devil ), was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

Affiliate of PDP
Onochie took a gratuitous swipe at the former President Goodluck Jonathan, criticising the looting of funds during his tenure. “Under him, funds allocated for federal projects in Christian dominated South were looted as the funds for the Muslim dominated North,” Onochie wrote trying to explain the lack of correlation between performance-based appointments and religion nor ethnicity. She said the ex-president should have been the ‘best President Nigeria ever produced’ considering how he “crawled from one Christian prayer house to the other.”

She criticised the CAN president for not condemning the looting by his ‘affiliate party, the PDP’ and called him a beneficiary of the loot through tithes and offerings.

Pretender to the throne of God
The presidential aide said Nigerians want to be left alone to continue to live as a people and are tired of pretenders to the throne of God.
“Nigerians are at their wits end with pretenders to the throne of God, Christians and Muslims alike, like you,” she said.

Onochie advised the CAN president on ways to be a great Christian leader. She said a leader’s role is to support the followers by ’emulating Jesus Christ in preaching love of one’s neighbour’.

Onochie said since Olasupo appears to be far from Jesus, he could try to emulate Christian leaders like Reverend Mbaka and Pastor Kumuyi.

Source: Facebook

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