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Buhari is not God, APC sold image to Nigerians – Sani


Yabagi Sani, national chairman of Action Democratic Party (ADP), has faulted the All Progressives Congress (APC) ‘for selling image’ to Nigerians instead of programmes.

Sani described the APC as an organisation of people whose only aim was to grab power, “as the party don’t even know what they are doing”.

Speaking on Sunrise Daily, a Channels Television programme, the ADP leader noted that all the ruling party did during the electioneering campaign was to shout “Buhari, Buhari as if that is the solution to the country’s problems”.

“That is the mistake APC made, they were shouting Buhari, Buhari like it is the solution.

“Buhari is not God, he is a human being, he has his short-coming as a human being, instead of selling programmes, they were selling images to the people,” the ADP chairman said.

“That is why they cannot stand, the system cannot stand, everything surrounding individual, it doesn’t work that way.

“The only time Oyegun is relevant is when they want to go for elections, they can’t even have a board meeting, they don’t even have board of trustees.

“When this APC came you can’t even identify with the leader, even the national leader they don’t have. Is Tinubu a chairman of the board or leader? Nobody assigned anything to him,” Sani said.

He said the country was facing some problems because it did not respect its own laws.

“Federalism is not only peculiar to only Nigeria. We borrowed it from America. America has a way of running this system that allows every state to achieve its potential to the maximum, what is lacking in our own situation is that we fail to respect or observe those parliamentary – acts of parliaments in the various sectors of the economy to implement them the way they are supposed to be implemented.

“We do not respect the law, that is the problem we have in Nigeria,”‎ he said.

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