Buhari: Tougher times coming for South East; ‘we will organise Army and police to pursue them’

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ABUJA – Buhari, Thursday morning, the people of South East tougher times following the self-determination campaign the region.

The region is already siege following heavy joint-security operations going on there with the attendant killings and impediments to socio-economic activities.

The President in a rare, recorded interview on Arise TV’s breakfast programme said the Biafra agitators especially the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) did not know what they were plunging their people into.

Buhari said that the were scattered everywhere in Nigeria and should not be making trouble.

He pointed out that he took particular interest in statements credited to South South elders and youths that the South East was landlocked, stressing that this time around, the would not allow them any access to the outside world by sea.

On inclusion of people from the South East in the hierarchy, the President said that they have to grow the ranks, noting that “you don’t force somebody to join, you have to join and pass through the rigmarole” of getting to the top.

Also, in other areas of appointments including the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), the President urged the people of the southeast to join the system and grow the ranks.

He said: “The elderly people if the South South said that this time around, the South East will not have access to the sea. I am sure you will understand what they mean. Again the youths made the same statement. So, that IPOB is just like a dot in a cycle, if they must secede, you must have access to where you are. And the way they are spread all over the country, having businesses, having property, I think that IPOB doesn’t know what they are talking about.

“In any case, we said we will talk to them in the language they will understand. We will organise the police and the army to pursue them, that’s what we can do and we will do it.” (Daily Sun)