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Cheater’s Confession: The Flight Back Home


The flight back to Naija from NYC was only half full that night. We filed into the cabin and went through the usual routines of cramming more luggage than was technically permitted into the overhead compartments and under the seats. With so few people, however, there was plenty of space for everyone as well as all their belongings.

I moved towards the back of the plane, away from most everyone else, and took a seat in the last aisle, by the window. I like to watch the nightlights of the cities below me. I find it’s hard to sleep in planes, no matter the hour or how tired I am. Rest, I do, but sleep never really comes.

The passengers spread out over the plane, taking up all the available space, most everyone finding a row to themselves so they could curl up across the seats and sleep through the flight. I envied them, knowing I would arrive with red-rimmed eyes. Shortly after I took my seat and began pulling out my laptop to look over some project specs I had been working on, a young couple settled into the seats across the aisle.

I’d noticed them briefly in the waiting area, her especially. She had an easy, confident air about her – the way she carried herself as she moved between the fastened-down rows of chrome and vinyl airport chairs, casually pulling her suitcase behind her. Her long curly weave coloured hair hung in soft waves just over her shoulders, and she had a broad, full smile, its spread matched only by the natural swell of her hips. Her body was full and lush, and she exuded a carefree sensuality you couldn’t help but admire. Making love to a woman like that would be like rocking in the belly of a small boat over salty ocean waves. Her eyes were nearly brown; I’d noticed them when we stood near to one another at the check-in counter. A tiger’s eye hung about her throat on a narrow leather cord, and I remember thinking how much that suited her – a tiger’s eye, for a tigress of a woman.

Her companion maintained a close distance to her, and I could hardly blame him. Her fingers would touch his clean shaven head occasionally, and he would nestle his rough chin into the back of her neck from time to time, speaking softly to her and making her smile. Watching her full, pouty lips sent waves of electricity through my core. I thought I could make a meal out of just her lower lip. His shoulders were an axe handle across, but his body hung leanly from them. She rarely stopped touching him, and he looked at her like he hadn’t eaten in weeks.

I didn’t know if seeing them snuggled in the next seats was going to be a blessing or torment. I knew I would be awake all night, watching those barely parted lips, as each sigh of her sleepy breath escaped, her [email protected]$ts heaving in unison under the soft fabric of her dress. I felt myself stiffen in my pants, imagining how sweet it would be to release just one of those globes and clamp my mouth around its N!.ppls, sucking and teasing it to a hard, trembling bud.

He crawled in towards the window seat, and she cuddled in next to him. As we prepared for take-off, the cabin lights were dimmed and they began to arrange the small airplane blankets around them. Nothing seemed untoward; everyone was preparing to bed down as best as they could for the long flight. We were launched into the night sky and I watched, as I usually do, as a chessboard of winking lights framed the city below.
The flight attendants brought around a light repast and beverages. I sipped on vodka and tonic until I felt the warmth spread through my body. When I wasn’t looking out the window, I noticed the couple across from me whispering and laughing quietly to themselves. His hand ran slowly over her thigh, under the blanket. She seemed to protest half-heartedly, but I also noticed her legs parting across the seat. I watched from the corner of my eye as I was sure I saw his hand slip down over her knee, then move up the inside of her thigh. I knew I was right when I saw the twin bullets of her hardened N!.pplss protruding through the fabric covering them.

Her hand caught his underneath and she motioned to him to cease his daring public attack. The lights below had long since given way to the formless oblivion of a cloudy night, and the thought of watching the two of them groping nearby sent a kind of thrill through me. I decided to feign sleep and see what developed.

I pulled my blanket over me and turned off the reading light. If I was careful, I could watch them without discovery, keeping my head low enough to obscure my gaze. After about fifteen minutes, they rewarded my subterfuge, renewing their caresses under the blankets.

She turned in her seat, facing me, and he spooned her from behind. His hand slid over that great wide curve of her hip and then slipped over her backside, between them. I watched, transfixed, as I saw her sweetly exhale, relaxing into the seat cushions. I couldn’t see it, but I knew from watching her body that his hand had found its way into the cleft of her [email protected]:’, and barely perceptible, her hips ground back onto his fingers. I found my own breath was already coming more ragged, and I could feel those initial jewels of fluid leaking from my hardness. I quietly unzipped my trousers and pulled my [email protected] out of my boxers, grasping and stroking it silently under my blanket while I watched him touching her.

With little to do, the flight attendants stayed out of the darkened cabin, only appearing when someone pressed the button for them. The two of them seemed to realize this, and his boldness increased. I watched through the slits of my eyelids as I saw him push her dress up over her bottom, keeping the blankets over them all the while. He made motions in front of his own crotch that told me he was planning to use more than his hand on that beautiful creature before me.

Her eyes were closed, but she grinned happily as he moved up to her. She adjusted her posture, then moved her hand around and behind her. I could see she was separating the round cheeks of her ass to give him easier access. It was nearly more than I could bear; my [email protected] was seeping, the head bulging under my fist like it had been inflated. I didn’t dare risk moving too much, in case I startled them, so I simply held my rod and squeezed it, picturing her lover’s [email protected] nudging her moist nether lips.

There was no doubt when he entered her. His eyes were shut as he shifted his hips towards her with a quiet thrust, but I could see the satisfaction on his face as plainly as I heard the tiny whimper that came out of her mouth. As soon as he was buried in her, however, all motion ceased. There they lay, seemingly sleeping under the blankets, I alone knowing how intimately they were connected. I wondered – were they just planning to fall asleep like that? Then I heard him moaning in a husky whisper,”Oh yeah, baby…milk it, yes…”

I realised then that she was using her own muscles around his [email protected], balls-deep in her, tightening and releasing and squeezing with nothing more than her secret velvet tunnel. I’d never been so envious in my life, watching his flushed face as this golden goddess pleasured him.

His passion got the better of him, as I saw his hand move up under her dress, under the blanket to her [email protected]$t. They must have believed I was completely asleep, since he made no pretense now about his actions. His fingers were pulling at the cup of her bra, fondling her as she wriggled her hips back into him, slowly rocking. The tiger’s eye at her throat swayed with each movement. The little stone seemed to wave to me, its motion a mirror of the undulating movement below.

I guess it was inevitable. I lost my concentration, and had unwittingly begun stroking my [email protected] in earnest, unable to watch them without feeling my own heat demanding attention. I suddenly realized that those golden eyes were looking directly at my crotch, or rather, at my hand bobbing underneath my blanket down there. I froze, and she turned her gaze towards my face. It was obvious I was not asleep, and slowly I raised my eyes to meet hers.

I didn’t know how she’d react. Her lover continued to press into her from behind, but his eyes were still shut. We regarded one another for a long moment, the tension hanging thick in the air between us. Her face then broke open into a sly, [email protected]:’y smile. Instead of stopping, she began rotating her hips in a more exaggerated fashion, pushing back onto the [email protected] that had invaded her, with a quiet fervor. Her eyes were locked on mine, and as we stared at one another, I gradually began rubbing my throbbing [email protected] once more. I could see her breath coming in short gasps now while tiny beads of perspiration glistened along her lover’s forehead. It was unbelievable—not only was her boyfriend daringly taking her there in the plane seat, but she was actually putting on a bit of a show for me too!

She raised one hand out of her blanket and pulled it down a little, revealing his hand encircling her exposed [email protected]$t. He didn’t seem to notice, and continued to pump her while he pulled her N!.ppls until it stood out a full half inch; his mouth buried in the flesh of her neck. The sight of her [email protected] [email protected]$t made me groan inwardly – her aureole was nearly two inches across, a rosy brown island perched on that sea of her golden skin.

I saw his breath quicken, and then he thrust into her so keenly and with such finality that I knew he had just deposited a load of his seed deep into her belly. His movements slowed, then stopped altogether, and he licked at her neck and ears like a puppy, sighing. I hadn’t yet come, but my [email protected] was begging for release. She turned her head and whispered back at him, “shhhh, shhhh…”. He grinned silently as he pulled his hands down to put his [email protected] back into his pants.
A few rows up someone had summoned one of the flight attendants, and I was forced to abort my own pleasure-seeking. Frustrated, I zipped up my [email protected] and decided I would head into the lavatory to finish the job. The overhead light, however, indicated that it was occupied. I was forced to wait several minutes anyway while my very obvious bulge subsided enough for me to walk the length of the aisle. I tried not to think about what I had just witnessed, but it was impossible. The sight of her partially exposed body, her soft lips moaning in pleasure had made me impossibly stiff, especially knowing what was happening under that blanket as she watched me, certain I was unable to take my eyes off her. It was going to take all of my willpower to make it into the bathroom without attracting too much attention.

The two of them had curled up under individual blankets by then, and her boyfriend had apparently rolled over to sleep. We still had over half the flight left at that point. She seemed to be looking for sleep herself as she tried to find a comfortable position, eventually turning towards the aisle again, her knees drawn up towards her ample chest. I made my way out of my seat and into the lavatory, drawing the lock behind me.

I wasn’t in there ten seconds before a soft rap came at the door. “It’s me,” came a low female voice, “the one you just watched. Please, let me in.”

I hadn’t yet had a chance to even unzip my trousers, but even so the natural instinct of being alone in the bathroom made me hesitate. What was I thinking? It was her! Getting a grip, I quickly unbolted the door and opened it. Her flecked eyes looked right into mine.

“Let me in.”
I wasn’t about to say no.
Of course, airplane bathrooms are extremely compact. I sat down onto the toilet to give her room to come in and close the door behind her. She threw the lock, and put her index finger to my lips. “Very quietly. You came in here to rub your [email protected], didn’t you? Do you want me instead?”

“God, yes,” I said.

It seemed like slow motion as I watched her pull her dress up over her head and toss it onto the tiny counter beside the toilet. The lace on the edges of her bra strained to contain her lush, generous [email protected]$ts. She reached behind her to unhook it, and let it slide off her shoulders, giving me an intoxicating eye-level view. They hung down heavily onto her torso, the N!.pplss pointing slightly outward. I leaned forward to take one in my mouth. As soon as my tongue made contact, her N!.ppls turned into a tight fleshy diamond. She stood with her legs on either side of my own and pressed my head into her as I sucked and licked her beautiful [email protected]$ts like an infant. My hands fell to her waist, and as I ran my tongue down to her navel I could easily smell the musky scent of her boyfriend’s come, mixed with her own fragrance. Her thin panties were sodden at the crotch, holding in the evidence. I hooked my thumbs into the strings of her panties and lowered them over her generous rump. She was completely bare, not a whisker in sight, only more of that sweet pale gold flesh, blossoming into a deep pink gash between her thighs. She parted her legs even wider as I probed the slick edges of her mound. Her breath caught and her knees buckled slightly. “We won’t have much time,” she whispered. “I got so heated up, knowing you were watching me, but I still need to come. I know you do too.”

Was this a dream? If so, I never wanted to wake. She reached down and unzipped my trousers, and I raised my hips until she had my pants around my knees. My [email protected] bounced out eagerly, searching for her like a divining rod.

The confines of the lavatory gave us few options for positions. She couldn’t sit on my lap facing me, but clearly a sitting posture was the only choice. She turned 180 degrees and that fantastic wide bottom was staring me in the face. I placed my hands on either cheek and leaned into that flesh, kissing and nibbling on it, making her yelp, barely audible. She began to lower herself onto me, and grasped hold of my [email protected] to guide it into her wet nest. The thought of plunging into her where she had only recently been soaked only increased my desire. I felt my [email protected] harden more than it ever had before. It must have been the craziness of the situation, the danger of it, the mystery of her, the show she had just given me; I lusted for her beyond any craving I had ever known.

She sat down on my [email protected] and in one motion was entirely impaled. It was all I could do not to cry out in pleasure. I was enveloped in her exquisite fire. With my hands fondling her hips, she moved up and down on my shaft, deliberately, each down stroke angled to push the tortured head of my [email protected] precisely where she needed it. I could feel those muscles I had only imagined a short while ago, rippling up and down me. Her boyfriend’s load was spilling out between us and raining down on my balls. She leaned forward in the tiny cubicle and placed her hands against the bathroom door for balance; then, using her knees, began to pump rapidly, my glans ramming her g-spot until she began quivering uncontrollably. I wet my finger and reached for the puckered star of her rear; brushing against it, I knew I had found her Achilles’ heel. Taking my cue wordlessly, I inserted my middle finger swiftly up to the knuckle and began stroking her back hole while she rode me. It didn’t take long: her bottom blushed crimson as her [email protected]$m took her, and I felt her spasm for close to a minute before she began to calm down.

I was heady with excitement, but even with her exquisite contractions, I had not yet managed to come. Fingering her rear had given me another idea, though. I pulled her gently up off my [email protected], so slick with her own spunk as well as her lover’s, and pointed it at the other hole I had opened. She needed no instructions, and let her full weight down on my rod, taking my [email protected] deep into her ass all at once. The fingering I had given her ensured there would be no resistance.

Her luscious ass gripped me like a vise. I had enough lube on my rod to slide in her easily, but I knew that the heat of her bottom and the grasp her anal muscles had on me would make this a quick trip. I reached around into her bare muff and scooped cream from her, running a trail up her voluptuous body. While she bounced on my [email protected] in her ass, I watched the reflection of her face in the lavatory mirror. Her jaw was slack and she moaned silently. Each stroke was deep and deliberate; my [email protected] swelled with anticipation and my balls churned with the need of release. The tiger’s eye about her neck was a pendulum, keeping time with each stroke. I ran my sticky fingers around her N!.pplss, which she then took in her own hands, rubbing the juices into her golden skin. I returned my hand to her quivering snatch to cover more of her [email protected]$ts in the cream, but with all our motion, her tiger’s eye swung right into it. She raised the little stone up by its cord, its variegations luminous under the glistening come dripping off its end, and held it up to her mouth. Her tongue took one single drop, gingerly, and the rest she rolled over her fleshy lips. That was it for me. Watching her licking the come off that stone, I exploded deep into her ass.

She leaned back onto me and I kissed her spine, pressing my cheek against her as my arms encircled her soft waist. I felt her ass muscles clench at my [email protected], siphoning every last drop of come from my aching balls. She sighed deeply, and I felt her whole body exhale with the relief of one who has finally had her heart’s desire.

She rose and began dressing in silence, turning to me as I sat back against the toilet with my now flaccid [email protected] shining in the fluorescent light of the bathroom. Pulling her dress over her head, she kissed my face. “Thank you,” was all she said. I hurriedly pulled up my trousers as she carefully opened up the lavatory door and slipped out. I spent a few more minutes collecting myself before I also left and walked down the aisle.

When I sat back down, she was curled back up on her seat, snuggled into her snoozing boyfriend. Her face was pure contentment, and soon her slow, rhythmic breathing told me that she was also sleeping. I lay there for awhile, watching her, the swaying of her tiger’s eye and the memory of what we had just done hypnotising me.

I woke to the feeling of the plane’s wheels hitting the runway. Jolting me out of slumber, I sat there momentarily disoriented, rubbing sand out of my eyes. The morning sun over Boston Harbor was streaming into the cabin windows. I smiled, and laughed to myself. Maybe this would never happen again, but at least now I knew of a surefire way to find sleep on a plane… (Madailygist.com)

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