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China says reports it helped cut off North Korea’s Internet ‘irresponsible’


BEIJING – China’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday described the report that China was involved in cutting off North Korea’s Internet as “irresponsible.”
Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying made the remarks at a daily news briefing.
Hua said that China has advised the U.S. and North Korea to talk to each other about the hacking attack on Sony Pictures.
“We have noted recent U.S. remarks and comments from North Korea.
e believe that the U.S. and North Korea should communicate about this (issue),” Hua said.
The U.S. had blamed Pyongyang for the hacking attack on Sony.
It (U.S.) had also asked China to identify any North Korea hackers operating in China and, if found, send them back to North Korea.
North Korea experienced a complete internet outage for nine hours before links were restored on Tuesday.
The country’s sole internet link to the outside world was through China.
Several U.S. officials close to the investigations of the attack on Sony Pictures said the U.S. government was not involved in any cyber action against Pyongyang. (Reuters/NAN)

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