China’s sharing of COVID-19 vaccines wins hearts of people globally

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China’s sharing of its COVID-19 vaccines filled the gaps in the world supply, a deed that has won the hearts and minds of people globally.

This is according to an opinion piece recently published in the South China Morning Post.

The article, entitled “Vaccine inequality’’ if not for China, would the West even be tackling it? was written by Mwansa Chalwe Snr, a Zambian chartered accountant, and an independent financial commentator and analyst.

“Whereas the Western world has been more preoccupied with the narrow self-interest of taking care of its citizens and the maximisation of profit by big pharmaceutical companies.

“China is more focused on how to save humanity rich or poor by sharing its vaccines and know-how,’’ he said.

China has shipped vaccine supplies to more than 80 countries, including all members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, said the analyst.

China, apart from donating and selling its vaccines to countries in need, has also shown willingness to license production in other countries, which the analyst said was something that Western companies were reluctant to do.