Chinese, Indian FMs agree to safeguard border peace, tranquility

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Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian External Affairs Minister, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar have highlighted importance of maintaining peace and tranquility in areas.

During their meeting the Tajik capital of Dushanbe on Thursday, Wang said that China had always been handling the China-India boundary issue with a positive attitude.

The communication between the diplomatic and military departments of the two countries had been earnest and effective, and the situation on the borders was generally easing,” he noted.

Wang expressed hope that India would meet China halfway, working to stabilise the situation and gradually shift from emergency response to regular management and control.

He called on both sides to consolidate the achievements of disengagement of front-line troops, strictly abide by the agreements and consensuses reached between them .

They jointly safeguard peace and tranquility the areas and prevented the recurrence of border-related incidents.

Wang pointed out that China and India, as two major emerging economies, should continue to adhere to the strategic consensus of not posing threats to each other but providing opportunities for each other’s development.

They were to also push bilateral relations and practical cooperation onto the track of sound and stable development.

“This is not only the common interests of the two countries but also conducive to regional and world peace and development,” he stressed.

Jaishankar noted that India and China had made progress dealing with the situation, while there were still some issues to be resolved.

He said India was ready to work with China, abide by the agreements reached between the two sides.

He pushed for positive outcome of the next round of the -level talks between the troops of the two countries, and earnestly safeguard peace and tranquility the border areas.

Jaishankar hoped that the two countries would make joint efforts to bring India-China relations back on track, and guide all parties to form a more positive perception of the mutually-beneficial relationship.

The Indian side did not believe in the clash of civilisations and maintained that it was very important for Asian countries to be united, he said, underlining that unity among Asian countries could not be achieved without India-China cooperation.

He said India was ready to strengthen communication and coordination with China within the frameworks of BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and jointly tackle terrorism and other global challenges.