Chukwumerije withdraws endorsement of Aregbesola’s education policy

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The chairman of the , Senator Uche Chukwumerije has reversed the ringing endorsement of the of the Rauf administration saying the good have been darkened. Senator Chukwumerije in a statement issued yesterday said the decision withdraw the endorsement upon feelers stakeholders in the claimed that the reality as seen three years ago have been eroded. Senator Chukwumerije had in 2012 while leading a delegation of the a supervisory visit Osun had hailed the education of the administration as unprecedented in the country. Then, he had said:“The Governor of Osun is God-sent his people. , as a fresh governor, has shown that he is a serious-minded person. For the first time, the education of Ogbeni remains the best in the country, even ahead that of .”

[eap_ad_1] However, reversing himself yesterday, Chukwumerije in a statement made available to Vanguard said: “Two years ago when the on visited Osun as part of its oversight functions, I had cause to commend the policies of Rauf .” “Over 700 days down the line, a lot of water has passed under the with many insisting that those policies were merely on paper.” “In addition, stakeholders in the State, especially parents, proprietors, and school managers have inundated the Committee with tell-tales of woes in schools in the State, adding that the waters that have passed under the in two years have been muddied.  They cited as an example the questionable N8 “Opon Imo” .  This has also been confirmed by political opponents of the governor in their public comments. When good policies are darkened the way that , then change is a must.