Cleric streses importance of Da’wah to Muslims

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ABUJA –  Sheikh Nuru Khalid, the Chief Imam of Apo Legislators’ Quarters in Abuja, on Monday, urged Muslims to propagate the religion in a peaceful manner.

He gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

According to him, Da’wah, which means inviting to Islam, is very important and is encouraged in Islam.

The chief Imam said “many Muslims today regard Da’wah to be trivial, but they should realise that it is regarded with importance in the Holy Qur’an and by Prophet Muhammad (SAW).’’

He, however, encouraged Muslims to propagate the religion of to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike in a peaceful manner and devoid of any form of violence.

Khalid also urged Muslims to do Dawah with wisdom, not through methods which could make what was being preached uninteresting and boring.

He said “while preaching to invite to Islam, Muslims must realise that it is not Muslims convert non-Muslims to the religion but Allah.


“A is recommended to convey the message of Islam to others and not to use force in whatever form.

“The Holy Prophet Muhammad encouraged Muslims to propagate Islam by saying If anyone knows a single sentence and it is accurate, then he or she must educate those do not have the knowledge.’’

He added that there was no better way to show love for Allah and His Messenger than to spread the message of Islam throughout the world.

“If we are to keep Islam as part of our lives then we need to propagate and teach our fellow and non Muslim brothers and sisters the truth about our faith.

“We need to show that Islam is a peace-loving religion; there are many individuals in the world today believe that Muslims are educated to commit acts of terror.

“But in truth, Muslims are taught to be peaceful and devoted people; there are non-Muslims think Islam degrades women, but in truthfulness Islam uplifts the woman,’’ Khalid said.

He noted that there were many misconceptions about Islam that needed to be corrected and it was the job of every well-informed to see that such misconceptions were corrected for the better. (NAN)