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Climate change: Kenya to experience higher temperatures, less rainfall – Agency


Nairobi  – Kenya Meteorological Department said in Nairobi on Tuesday that the country’s “climate is changing rapidly in response to global warming as is the case in many other countries”.

Director of the agéncy Stella Aura disclosed this in a report dubbed “State of the Climate in Kenya 2019”.

The report noted that annual maximum temperatures in many parts of Kenya would average 32 degrees Celsius by 2050 as rains decreased in regions that currently received more.

“In the recent past, it added, mean air temperature for the country has been increasing steadily.

“Similarly, minimum temperatures are expected to increase over most parts of the country up to the year 2050,” the report said.

The report indicated that rainfall could change considerably by the year 2050 in comparison to the current climatological distribution.`

`”The spatial extent of regions that normally experience high rainfall is clearly reducing.

“The rainfall decrease is seen more during the March to May season,” the report said.

According to the report, climate variability and climate change present many risks to people and communities the world over and more so in developing countries such as Kenya because of limited adaptation capacity.

The Kenyan government is making concerted efforts to adapt to the changing conditions as well as to mitigate future climate change, the report stated.


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