Clubs are our main sponsors — Pro-Squash players

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LAGOS – The Professional Squash Association Nigeria (PSPAN), Wednesday said that clubs had been their main source sponsorship since inception.

PSPAN’s President, Seun Peters, made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

“We normally approach the club members, the big clubs in Lagos, who are passionate about the game of squash; they are the ones who have been sponsoring us.

we have to go to international , telecommunications and oil ; that’s our plan for the half of the year.[eap_ad_1]

“Actually the has been positive because Apapa Club is sponsoring us August ending, precisely Aug.  25 to Aug. 31.

“Ikoyi Club just sponsored one we just finished last Sunday.

“So, Apapa club is the next one; Ikeja is going to sponsor us, their and the Captain have already promised us some money and later they can help us look for more money outside.’’

PSPAN was formed by some of the nation’s squash in December 2012, to organise competitions for themselves against the odds of dearth of competitions in the federation. (NAN)[eap_ad_4]