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Communiqué Issued At The End Of 2017 Annual National Political Summit Organised By Save Democracy Group-Africa


Sundiata Post – Second edition of the Annual National Political Summit organized by the Save Democracy Group-Africa with the theme; “Nigerian Democracy, Constitutional Development and leadership Recruitment”, has ended in abuja with the following resolutions and declaration:
“That there is need to consolidate the gains made in Nigerian democratic experiment through strengthening the guiding document; the 1999 constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, and by enhancing the credible process of leadership recruitment through a paradigm shift from the hitherto unconstitutional methods, to prepare the country Nigeria of true leadership positions in West African sub-region and African continent”;
“Decried the foundational abnormalities in Nigerian state structure associated with the colonial policy of divide and rule which created the rising wave of insurgency, religious bigotry and fundamentalism, emasculation of the country’s constitution, subversion of the police and security forces”,
“Observed with dismay the defective and flawed nature of the leadership recruitment system in our democracy due to absence of internal democracy of the political parties in Nigeria”;
“UNDERSCORED growing reduction of women in the political leadership roles in governance and the none mainstreaming of the place of the youths and the persons living with disability in our party democracy which has giving rise to skewed representation in both executive and legislative arms of government”;
“ALARMED that insecurity is still thriving in the country through herdsmen attacks in various communities in Nigeria and through the activities of militants in the Niger-Delta regions and kidnapping in parts of Nigeria with very heavy threats on the corporate existence of the country”;
“DISTURBED that despite effort made to shore up the credibility of our electoral system, the conducts of free, fair, credible and conclusive elections have progressively eluded the country and that the politics of attrition and inability of politicians to overcome the bitterness of elections have continued to rise”;
“NOTED with concern that the Local Government System which forms a cardinal arm of every country’s developmental part is burdened constitutionally, politically and by the economic emasculation by the state governments in all parts of Nigeria”;
“PERSUADED by the need to Create a level playing ground for all political parties as equal stakeholders in Nigerian elections and the need to strengthen and enforce sections of the electoral acts that regulates the spending of government funds by parties in power for the benefit of their parties”;
“LAMENTED that the inadequacies of the Nigerian education system which cannot empower the youth to engage in self-employment through entrepreneurial and technical skills in addition to the minimal role in the politics and decision-making positions have constrained opportunities for all-round development of the youth population”;
“Viewed with deep concern the situation of unemployment in Nigeria yet with several companies like Ajokuta, Jebba paper mills and other paper mills, Bacita Sugar Company, the oil and steel companies and host of other employment generating not being in positions to function and reduce the spate of unemployment”;
“DISSATISFIED that the value system attached by the youths has affected their credible aspiration to higher political and government positions and in undertaking of positive mentorship programme”;
In the declaration it:
“CHALLENGE stakeholders again to make concerted efforts to revert to the positive ideals of this country’s founding fathers which include a corruption free democratic system in which leaders and citizens commit themselves to the values and cultures of democracy such as free, fair and credible election, strong political parties with respect for internal democracy and transparent use of resources for the development and welfare of citizens”.
“RESOLVED to make the local government system functional, self- accounting and assume the capacity to maximize its internally generated revenue potentials as contained in article 4 of the 1999 constitution resume its position as an important democratic tier of government as envisaged by section 7 (4) of the same 1999 constitution”.
“CALLED on the federal government and the National Assembly to urgently carry out the amendment of the relevant sections of the constitution and the electoral act to improve the integrity of the electoral process”, and
“DEMAND Ajokuta, Jebba paper mills and other paper mills, Bacita Sugar Company, the oil and steel companies and host of other employment generating but closed companies in Nigeria should be brought back to work to cushion the rising and hard effects of unemployment in Nigeria”.
“CHARGE Government at all levels to adopt a digital economy, entrepreneurial training and skill acquisition as organizing paradigms and implementation framework for employment creation, poverty reduction and sustainable development of Nigeria”.
“ADVOCATE constitutional amendment and the strengthening of the leadership recruitment process to deepen the value of Nigerian democracy, accord high priorities to the local government system, give adequate attention to the women and youths of Nigeria”.

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