Coronavirus could cause male infertility, warns study

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Men who suffer severe cases the coronavirus experience reduced fertility, a according to a study.


Dr Dan Aderka the Sheba Medical Center, Israel, screened healthy men for evidence -19 and found that some cases the virus made its way into the sperm.


there, he reported there a 50% decrease sperm volume, concentration and motility.

What’s , post-mortum tests 12 , the Sheba Medical Center found severe changes the testicular cells supporting sperm development and those producing testosterone.


‘As normal sperm maturation takes 70 to 75 days, is possible that if we are doing a sperm examination two and a half months after recovery, we see even reduced fertility,’ Aderka told the Jerusalem Post.


could be even detrimental.’ According to Dr Aderka, the coronavirus can destroy two particular types of cell in the testicles: Sertoli and Leydig.