Coronavirus: First Reported Case In South Africa Turns Out To Be A Hangover

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The first case the Coronavirus South Africa has been exposed as nothing more a common hangover by the alleged victim’s wife.

Joe Malatji (31) placed a special unit at Steve Biko Academic yesterday after claiming he’d been struck down by the deadly virus.

However, these claims have been dismissed by wife Zanele, who revealed Joe spent the weekend drinking Mexican beers with friends Sunnyside.

‘Udakwa njalo’, she explained.

‘What do you expect to feel like when you spend a whole weekend drinking?’.

‘Well, hope he enjoyed himself coz ’ll be the last beer he’ll have for a while. He has a living room to paint and many other chores’, she revealed.

Speaking from bed in the Specialist Drama Unit, Joe convinced condition attributed to something more sinister.

‘Listen, ’ve had my share hangovers in the past and this is something else. Swine Flu, , something like . Nothing to do with those delicious Mexican beers with the wee slice lime in them’.

However, Dr Steph Van Vyk who’s been treating Joe wasn’t convinced.

‘He is full shit’, her opinion.

‘Anyone intending to ingest large quantities of imported Mexican beers is at great risk of contracting the same ‘deadly virus’ as Joe here’.

‘His symptoms included: singing Amapiano song Lorch; a compulsion to talk pure shit and a severe allergic reaction to attending work the next day’.

Dr Steph said there are some radical treatments that may help anyone in Joe’s condition.

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