Coronavirus Safety Tips For Nigerians, Don’t Ignore

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For those who may not know yet,
it is now confirmed that Coronavirus is now in Nigeria.

The patient is an Italian man who came into Lagos with the virus. He is currently being observed in a hospital in Yaba.

To stay alive,
Here are few things you can do
Now that Coronavirus is in Nigeria,
One simple thing you can do for yourself if you want to stay alive,

AVOID crowded places as much as possible. The virus will spread very easily in buses, markets, clubs, and anywhere too many people gather.

If you can,
Please just avoid it.

Now that Coronavirus is in Nigeria,

IF you do NOT have a hand sanitiser,
Wash your hands ALWAYS at these times:

Before/after cooking and eating,
Before/after using the toilet,
Before/after touching animals,
Before/after touching a sick person,
Before/after sneezing or coughing.

Incase it is hard to wash your hands always,

Get a personal hand sanitiser.

Use it after you use the toilet,
Use it before/after you cook/eat,
Use it after you sneeze/cough,
Use it after you touch any public surfaces like door knobs, office tables etc

When you sneeze,
Do NOT use a handkerchief.
Please use a tissue and discard ASAP.

And if someone around you sneezes,
Advise them also to use a tissue.
And stay some distance from them.

That’s because re-using the same handkerchief to sneeze can potentially spread many viruses.

Now that Coronavirus is in Nigeria

If you work in a hospital-
as nurse, Doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist, dietitian, cleaner, janitor or whatever-

Take no risks and follow ALL precautions;

Remember your carelessness can kill you and your family members if you infect them.

Now that Coronavirus is in Nigeria;

Please do NOT eat or touch raw meat/fish and live animals; please do NOT eat partially cooked animals,

Please stay away from animal waste products and also possibly sick animals;

Buy foods from reputable places,
And cook your food properly.

Right now we are at a stage where we would try as a country to contain it. That means we would be trying to stop it from spreading.

That’s why it is very key you follow those simple prevention tips and advice.

If you see someone who is ill,
Call free 08097000010 for advice.

Stop touching your eyes, nose, mouth or face too frequently and also with unwashed hands. It is too dangerous.

And please do NOT allow anyone start touching your face, eyes, nose, mouth as well with their bare hands which are possibly dirty/infected.

They can easily infect you.

If you or someone you know, maybe family or friend, has some medications they use regularly- please buy enough supply for at least 4weeks.
Especially if it is life saving medication.

We hope for the best,
But if things go upside down,
You must be prepared to stay home for weeks.

In the same way,
If you can afford it, buy enough food for yourselves and your family.

No need to panic-buy food,
But make sure that your store has enough food IF it happens that everyone needs to stay at home for up to 4weeks.

Obviously don’t buy things that can spoil easily.

If you work in a bank, market, school, or a company/office, where you are exposed to a lot of people on a daily basis:

Don’t stand too close to anyone.
Give them a 2meter gap.

Use hand sanitiser (or wash your hands) as often as you can.
Stay away from anybody sneezing/coughing.

Now we must rally together as a country and fight this virus.

We have done it before.
We can do it again.

If you see anyone who is ill,
Or you need any advice,
Call toll-free 080097000010,


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