Couples Signing ‘Social Media Prenups’ To Prevent Spouses From Posting Unflattering Photos Of Each Other

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Couples are signing “social media prenups” before they tie the knot; agreements state, very clearly, what each spouse is allowed to put online and what consequences will follow if the rules are broken.

Welcome to 2014.

ABC News talked to Ann-Marie Carrozza, a attorney, who this is a fairly development in pre-wedding day logistics.

But she it makes sense, as tons of stuff is put online, and once it’s there, it’s there. And it’s not just nude , which seems kind of obvious. Even an unflattering bathing suit photo Instagram or Facebook could be grounds for collecting money from your spouse who posted it.

So what, a quarter in the swear jar, so to speak? Not quite.

Carrozza the amount depends a person’s wealth. If you , , $5 million, you could be forking over $50,000 each time you violate the social media clause. (ABC News)
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