COVIC-19 and the federal leaking basket

By Tola Adeniyi

One must commend the unitary and state governments for their responses to the . Governments even of the so-called advanced countries did not fare better as evidenced by the ravaging speed and spread of the catastrophic virus in their respective countries. It is our hope and prayer that the Supreme Intelligence who created the earth and the heavens will quickly put to shame the devilish intentions of those who created the wicked virus.

Meanwhile, the has once again exposed the thoughtlessness of many especially those whose bags have been filled to the brim with billions of Naira. Otherwise, it is difficult to understand how any reasonable individual with their eyes and ears open chose to pour their hard earned cash into leaking baskets.

Except such individuals had just descended from the sky they should know that the unitary government of Abuja is home to currency-chewing snakes, rats, and other animals that are adept at burning down wherever money belonging to the commonwealth is kept.

To date nobody has convincingly rendered any account of the humongous sums of foreign cash recovered from accounts linked to the late Head of State General Sani Abacha. Nobody knows what happened to the huge sums of money found in Ikoyi and several other locations which whistleblowers led the unitary government to. Government boasted that it has selectively recovered trillions of Naira from yesterday’s looters and yet no one has given account of what all these monies have been spent on, or who and who have recycled the loots back to their private pockets.

It is therefore baffling that anybody could decide to put their money into such leaking baskets. The wise thing to do for anybody who wants to offer palliatives to the less privileged locked down by the pandemic is to purchase , foodstuffs, medicines, beds, hospitals, testing centres and several other facilities that would ameliorate the terrible situation evil minded scientists have imposed on the world.

As far as thinking are concerned, all the huge monetary donations announced with fanfare would only end up in the leaking baskets which in turn would be collected to be recycled.

Source: Realnews

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