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Davido and Wizkid hug each other at nightclub in Lagos


Nigeria’s biggest music stars Davido and Wizkid may have set aside their differences as they were spotted hugging each other at a nightclub in Lagos.

The two who have had a very bitter-sweet relationship for years hugged each other in the presence of their crew members.

Wearing a white T-shirt and red face cap, Davido and Wizkid kept whispering into each other’s ears as they hugged for what seemed like forever.

This is not the first time Davido and Wizkid have given the impression that they do not have any beef.

In 2017, Wizkid brought Davido on stage during his concert at Eko Hotel and Davido returned the favour that same year at his concert.

However, they have been at loggerheads for years over reasons best known to them. 

In November 2017 at the One Africa Music Festival held in Dubai, both camps of Davido and Wizkid got into a physical clash outside the venue of the music concert. 

It was also reported that Wizkid was assaulted by one of the members of Davido’s crew.

We guess with this latest development fans of Davido known as the 30BG and that of Wizkd popularly known as Wizkid FC will bury their differences.


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