Delegates canvass protection of vulnerable group

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ABUJA – Delegates at the National Conference on Thursday in Abuja called for the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups in the society, especially people living with disabilities, women and children.

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A representative of Arewa Consultative Forum, Miss Fati Ibrahim, said that every child had the right to live and the right not to be abused.

“Many children have been abused in this country. You see many of them going to the streets to sell products when they are supposed to be in school.

“Some of them are employed as housemaids and are being treated like slaves.

“We have also witnessed child trafficking where many of the female children are taken to other countries to be sex workers,’’ Ibrahim said.

Mr Dandeson Hart, representing Persons Living with Disabilities, urged delegates to support the establishment of a commission for persons living with disabilities.

Hart said the bill was passed by the National Assembly but was never accented to, adding that the bill was now before the National Assembly for the third time.

“The bill is all about our education, health and access to public buildings, among other things.

“If we have the bill passed and signed into law, it means we now have our destinies in our hands.

“We will not depend on the society anymore because we will have a commission where we can run to,’’ Hart said.

Mr Ebele Okeke, representing retired civil servants, said it was important to include persons living with disabilities in development process at all tiers of government.

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