Delta 2015: Olejeme is unstoppable – Ika elders

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Ika elders State on Sunday urged the people to look at Dr. Ngozi Olejeme’s governorship aspiration on its own merit. “Olejeme has our blessings and will lead State towards development”, they said. a issued Agbor by the of Ika Elders Forum, Pa Kingsley Nkenchor, the forum described Olejeme as “a sincere politician can reposition State. “Olejeme has soft spot for the poor. She has capacity to reshape the destiny of State. She is brilliant, urbane and humble”. The forum insisted Olejeme has what it takes to effectively govern the state. “As a politician, she excellently explains points and issues about the future of the state. Her use of language says much about her knowledge of development and the way forward for the state” the elders said. [eap_ad_1] “There is also no god father or whatsoever breathing down her neck” the elders added.

Similarly, Ukwuani on Sunday described her as a great source of inspiration. “What is at stake in State is to support the right person who will bring about overall development in the state. Dr. Ngozi Olejeme will develop State on all fronts. She will ensure the people get the benefits of development. She will prepare a comprehensive plan for various sections,” of Ukwuani Think Tank, Mr. George Ilome told journalists Sunday. Rising an emergency in Ogume, the commended Dr. Olejeme for her contribution to the of the people. “At this when a direction is needed for the state, Dr. Olejeme possesses the experience, vision, wisdom, courage and humility needed for the important task”.

The commended Dr. Olejeme for her impartiality and benevolence to all, stressing her achievements in the sector.[eap_ad_4]