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Denmark Police Say DNA Profile Of Torso Matches Missing Journalist


Copenhagen   –     Police in Denmark’s Capital Copenhagen on Wednesday said that the DNA profile on a body found earlier matches the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

Wall went missing after having boarded a privately built submarine on Aug. 10 as she was working on a story about the owner and inventor of the vessel, Peter Madsen.

The 18-meter vessel, named UC3 Nautilus, was found having sunk on the same night in waters near Koge Bay of Denmark.

Madsen was rescued and brought back to Copenhagen the second day, claiming that the vessel had met a technical problem.

He told police that Wall had earlier disembarked from the vessel before it sank.

Copenhagen Police then confirmed on Monday that Madsen had admitted on Aug. 12 that he had “buried Wall at sea’’ after she died on board due to an “accident’’.

Madsen was accused of causing Wall’s death on suspicion of manslaughter.

The body was found washed up on shore near Copenhagen on Monday, with its arms, legs and head missing, according to a press release from the police .

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