Designer criticises dress sense of artistes in entertainment sector

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of foremost designers, Frank Osodi, on Thursday criticised dress sense of some artistes entertainment sector,  saying that it was often at variance with outings.

Osodi told the News Agency (NAN) that as public figures, they should strive uphold values that could impact positively on budding artistes, through the way they dressed.

“We know the events we go for. We have know what makes our skin colour. Where you are going matters as well, what the event is for, as well as if there is to be subtle.

“You to know the event you are going for, is it during the day? Day events can’t go with sequence, except like a celebrity indoor event and award events, to make you look classy.

“Look at your skin colour and pick tones of colours that can enhance the skin as certain colours project and speak about the skin.’’ he said.

Osodi, therefore, advised that every woman should know her statistics, especially those endowed with certain extra skin some parts of the body, and strive to dress the body the way it should be.

“Every woman should know how to dress right to fit the body figure and avoid showing off some parts of the body excessively, pointing out that it necessarily speak well if it doesn’t fit well on the body,’’ he said.

Osodi urged female artistes with a deep interest in fashion to always consult with designers ahead of time, to avoid disappointment and a poor dress for a movie premiere.

Osodi designed the dress Agbani Darego wore when she won the 2001 edition of the Miss World pageant. (NAN)