Diri welcomes APC, YDP defectors into PDP

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State Douye Diri has political class to shun politics hate interest state’s development.

He spoke on at the House Yenagoa when he received defectors from the (APC) and Young Democratic Party (YDP).

Diri said the only way they could benefit from the state’s creation is to unite for development.

The defectors were former Ambassador to Venezuela Senator Felix Oboro, former members the House Representatives – Bolous Indiamaowei, Mike Epengule and Graham Ipigansi, who are leaving the APC.

A statement by the ’s Chief Press Secretary, Daniel Alabrah, said the time had come for the people to spread love rather acrimony the interest progress.

He noted that rejoining the PDP was a journey back home for the defectors, and he the PDP to restore their rights and privileges after their formal defection.

The statement reads: “There is reason to hate ourselves when we should love. This is the time to bring back brotherly love. We all craved the creation of State while we were in Rivers State. I do not think we wanted to create a where we hate ourselves and -develop the state.

“Now we have a state and we have become so divided and factional, all in the name of political party. You and I were brothers and sisters before APC and PDP. Let us join hands to develop .”

PDP Chairman Solomon Agwanana said members of the parties were in the House to interact the preparatory to their formal defection on February 14.

Oboro, on behalf of the defectors, said they were impressed the of the Diri administration, hence their decision to support it.

He lauded the governor for matching words action, saying they were ready to mobilise their to formally join the PDP.

A member of the Young Democratic Party (YDP), Elvis Donkemezuo, said his party was impressed with Governor Diri’s leadership style, which has put the state on the fast lane of development.