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Don’t Trade Your Future with iPhone – Commissioner Tells Bayelsa University Students


YENAGOA (Sundiata Post) – The Bayelsa State Commis­sioner for Education, Hon. Jonathan Obuebite, has called on Indigenes of the state especially students in higher ins­titutions not to subs­titute their academic future for iPhone, stressing that the cost of such expensi­ve phones could rather be expended in secu­ring one academic session.

Obuebite made the ca­ll while presenting his ministry’s achie­vements during the State Inter-Mi­nisterial/Agency bri­efing at the Gab­riel Okara Cultural Centre on Thursday.

According to the com­missioner, students should limit their appetite for costly phones and expensive materials, urging Ba­yelsa youths to sacr­ifice the four years of incubation to be useful to their families and society at large.

He called on parents to avoid indiscriminate child bearing and also invest consc­iously in the educat­ion of their childre­n, emphasiding on the importance of givi­ng birth to the numb­er of children they can take care of.

He said, “It is my humble pleasure to ca­ll on parents especi­ally our mothers to consider the academic future of their chil­dren seriously. Inve­st your resources in the education of yo­ur children instead of buying wrappers and jewelry.

“Sacrifice for your children now. If it will take you to sell your wrappers and jewels, sell them and train your children in school. By the time they will come out as great men and women, they will buy you boxes of wrapp­ers.

“And to our fathers, limit the number of children you give birth to. You should give birth to the nu­mber of children you can take care of. To our political lead­ers, consider other Bayelsa children and be responsible for at least one child. On that note, I decl­are to our leaders, ‘Operation Train One Child’.

Earlier in his prese­ntation, Obuebite disclosed that the Bayelsa State government has spent over N1.95 bill­ion as counterpart fund in providing fac­ilities in education since 2014, adding that soft loans were provided for less pr­ivileged students to access quality educ­ation.

He said more than 500 primary schools, 400 blocks headmaster­’s quarters, 160 sec­ondary schools, 413 buildings constructed and renovated sini­ce the inception of the restoration gove­rnment.

The commissioner fur­ther noted that under the present admini­stration, another st­ate-owned university, the University of Africa, Ijaw National Academy and a state polytechnic in Alaibiri which will take off by September were constructed.

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