Dubai-Based Nigerian Pastor Released Two Books for 2020 and Beyond

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(Sundiata Post) – Christabel Bob, founder of Mount Sinai Intercessory Prayer Ministry International, Nigeria, and an Entrepreneur has published and released 2 books into international market; sold on many stores across globe.

Propelled wheels of her vision to impact values and knowledge powered by revelation and passion on people, has decided to focus and released two of many books she is writing; helping readers finding and moving along their right lanes of .

Rev. Christabel’s first book, titled Driven by Purpose really energizes. She that victory belongs to when we live a of purpose, when we are able to become exactly who God has ordained to be.

The book hands readers the supernatural and extraordinary keys to finding their path and to find fulfilment ; to become who God has really created everyone to be.

The well received book was seen by many present at the launching as a welcomed idea, product, and already being read by many across Canada, Arab Emirates, India, Nigeria and many countries further helps readers to discover your purpose, fulfill their purposes to live a beautiful life.

It also x-rays how you can become of the most successful entrepreneurs; understand that your prosperity is tied to your purpose and discover the importance of having a good relationship with God, plus the power of isolation.

Christabel is international preacher of the undiluted word, with vision for impact; empowering believers for passionate prayers and transformation of .

As a prophetic teacher, her way of presenting the Bible in a clear, simple,way has helped build a foundation of faith in thousands of lives. The authoring and publishing was facilitated by GAU Publishing (a service of Gulf American ), published by Notion Press and sold on amazon (USA, UK,India, & UAE), among other platform in in paper-back and e-formats.

She also publishes monthly devotionals; on sale and used as guide for prayers, personal, soul, body development across and planning to publish books soon. of which will be blended with poems that are loaded with mysteries, but made simple for the understanding of readers. She is indeed a blessing to humanity.