Due to family pressure to marry, I don’t mind being second wife -Ruth Eze

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, Ruth Eze has revealed how her members are putting tremendous on her settle down. In an encounter with Inside Nollywood, the Imo -born thespian disclosed that due her mother’s on her marry, she wouldn’t mind being a second wife as long as the man agrees to a white .

“My mother is on my neck get married but I can’t afford marry a poor man, truth be told. So, I have been calming my mum down. I told her if I don’t look well and rush into , I might rush before she knows it.

“For , I’m here waiting for true and without , can’t be true and sweet. I also don’t mind being a second wife as long as he agrees we have a white . In addition, younger lovers are welcome; if the person has the qualities I in a man and he is equally rich. In , I have been crushing on Williams Uchemba. Gosh! I him so much, I wish he would just come and marry me,” Ruth gushed. The actress, however, admitted that she has remained celibate since breaking up with her lover. “It might shock you, but (I’ve had) no since I left my ex some years ago. Since then, I have not seen whom I am compatible with. I have not seen or met that guy I can’t go a day without talking . I’m looking for a man that is dark, God fearing, financially buoyant, honest, tall and always smells nice.”

( Sun)