Easter: Huge turnout greets first open Passion play on Damaturu streets in 10 years of insurgency

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was the first for than 10 years Catholic fateful in are marking with the display of the streets of Damaturu.

What used to be an event of fanfare the major streets of the town by Catholic Christians ceased to happen in Damaturu for than 10 years after the coming of the Haram in the state.

Since the coming of the Haram crisis, the event was only confined within the premises of the church with low keyed celebration but the 2021 event held yesterday was greeted with excitement and passion. attracted a huge crowd the streets within the Jerusalem area of the town.

The event, which was organised by the St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Damaturu, started from the St. Mary’s Primary School and went behind the Living Faith Church, the major street linking Jerusalem settlement and the ’ quarters back to St. Mary’s Catholic Church with the worshipers observing the Stations of the Cross.

The Passion Display in the Catholic tradition tries to give a vivid or a replay of the account of the journey of Jesus from his ministry, persecution, culminating to his death which the believers believe has brought salvation unto the entire world.

The Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Damaturu, Rev. Fr. Philibus Inda Yakubu, expressed happiness over the conduct of the event, which, according to him, was “possible because of the peace we have in the state.”

The Parish Priest said “We are facing a lot of challenges in our country and only God in heaven can save us from these myriad of we are facing.”

Some of the parishioners were also excited over the outcome of the event being conducted in a very atmosphere.

”Our praises go to God Almighty for making this event and . Before now, security agents even allow you to hold this kind of event in the way and manner we have done today. But because we have peace now, we have done in Jesus name”, Mr. Micheal Okoh, a parishioner said.

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