Ebola: Catholic bishops opt for communion in hand

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LAGOS – Catholic Bishops of Nigeria has approved reception of Holy Communion hand as a precautionary measure against the spread of the Ebola virus. This is contained a issued Lagos on Saturday by Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Alfred Martins. said although receipt of Holy Communion remained communion on tongue, “ faithful prepare for this alternative means of receiving it. “Due reverence to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist be maintained. “It is important that when the faithful receive the Eucharistic bread in hands, they put it in mouth, consume the host immediately before returning to seats”, added the . It stressed that the formula for receiving Communion be maintained, adding that when the Priest , “The Body of ”; the communicant responds: “Amen.” It emphasised that care be taken to allow the particles of the host to fall or scatter. “The communicant keep his or her hands clean and maintain a reverential comportment that befits the Body of . [eap_ad_1] “The Priest or Eucharistic Minister should give the Communion to the faithful themselves. The faithful are permitted to the host from the Ciborium or Paten.’’ The statement said the kneeling down and expressing adoration and reverence before receiving communion must be observed, adding that it spiritually significant. “For in kneeling, a person makes himself/herself small before the presence of God before whom every knee shall bend (Phil. 2:10). “As Benedict XVI reminded; here his bodily gesture attains the status of a confession of faith, we insist on this.’’ Martins, in the statement, prayed that the Lord Jesus present in the Holy Eucharist should heal Nigeria and protect her in these trying times. (NAN)