Edebiri, 1,000 supporters defect to PDP in Edo

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BENIN – Chief Solomon Edebiri, a gubernatorial candidate of the defunct All Party (ANPP) in Edo has defected to the with 1,000 supporters.

Addressing a rally in Benin on , Edebiri said that his defection to became necessary after a careful reflection.

He said that his decision became necessary against the background of the way the APC being administered in the .

According to him, the APC is built on deceit and only destroy the hopes and aspirations of the in the .

He said that what took place during the last local congress in the negated his values on democracy.

“I saw the erosion of the principles of the agreement which we all swore to uphold few months earlier while preparing for the merger,” he said.

“ The reasons I am dumping the APC include the lack of internal democracy as well as the imposition of during the congresses,’’ he added.

“ The Interim Executives of the party were single handedly picked by Gov. of Edo,’’ he said.

The gubernatorial candidate explained that all efforts aimed at resolving the issues failed.

The Chairman in Edo, Chief Dan Orbih, said the defection of the gubernatorial candidate marked the beginning of the fall of APC in the state.

Orbih claimed that Oshiomhole, who gained power as a labour activist, working against the interest of workers in the state.

He said that while workers all the world were celebrating Workers’ Day, their counterparts in Edo were lamenting their plight. (NAN)