El-Rufai’s call for peaceful co-existence necessary for egalitarian nation

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Nasiru El-Rufai’s recent call for and lawful co-existence of citizens within Nigeria is a patriotic call that have been made much earlier. But, for the descent to self-help pervasive in many helpless communities, it is doubtful if this call would ever have been made. For a man of his intellectual strength and international exposure, the wait too long indeed. However, it is better be late never. The likes of Governor Bala Mohammed and his colleagues must urgently learn El- Rufai’s realistic appeal for responsible leadership to prevail. It’s for an end to crass opportunism.

Those think that the only way to remain relevant in the Nigerian turf is to hook on to ethno-religious sentiments devoid of commonsensicality like a distressed patient hanging on to oxygen , must think twice. They must remember the everlasting warning of the extraordinarily talented reggae maestro, Robert Nesta Marley when he said that- “ when the rain falls, it doesn’t fall on one man’s house”. Similarly, there are some think that violence is the monopoly of any given group. This is incorrect. It is common knowledge that there is for everything, including anarchy. God forbid that we ever get there as a country.

It’s to stop the obstinacy of the Government and citizens alike. The rule of law must be allowed to prevail. The Government must ensure the indiscriminate enforcement of national extant laws on protection of lives and properties against defaulters. Similarly, the citizens must learn to obey such laws and expose those flout the laws within various communities. country is sinking further into the abyss of lawlessness. We don’t need incendiaries as leaders in country. Down with ethnic and religious champions. A new era is what we desire. Thank God for men like . He twinkles like a star in the sky. Is he not a Nigerian? Why can’t the other leaders emulate him? Do they forbid the greatest happiness for the majority of country men and women? A few years ago, many would have added El-Rufai to . Not any more his recent trajectory, but he looks like a man to bounce back for the good of all.

It is not the quantity of men who people the environment that matters, it is the quality. This is one of the big problems with our national life. Even those who can barely read and understand simple policies of Government bestride the space like lords of the manor zonked in deep ignorance about how to an egalitarian society. They plant cassava and expect to reap coco yam as satirically postulated by the late musical rain maker- Majekodumi Fasheki, popularly known as Majek Fashek.

Let us all heed the clarion call for a new order in our country and re-echo same loudly. Henceforth, what we want our Government and people is day break.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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