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Elite have great role to play on safeguarding Nigeria –Lai Mohammed



Alhaji Lai Mohammed

ABUJA- The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji  lai Mohammed  says the elite have great role to play in safeguarding  the Nigerian nation,  given the restoration of peace in parts of  the country.

Mohammed said this in Abuja on Thursday, in his welcome address at the  62 years Independence Public  lecture.

The   lecture, organised by the Inter-Ministerial Committee of the Federal Government  on Nigeria at 62 Independence has “Elites And National Unity“  as the  topic.

Mohammed said President  Muhammadu  Buhari  has consistently spoken on the important role of the  elite in fostering  national unity and development.

According to him, Buhari believes very strongly that the elite constitute a powerful  and influential  block, hence their voices must be heard  on national issues.

“Mr President believes that the elites will build up their exposure and  their placement in the society in forging national unity and  contribute to national issues,“ Mohammed said.

He said the administration of Buhari had been able to change the unpleasant narratives and situations on insecurity from what it met in 2015.

“What the administration met on ground in 2015 and what it has been able do  to solve the insecurity especially in the face of  insurgency in the North -East.

“When  the  administration  came  into office, most parts of the north-east were inaccessible due to the activities of the  Boko Haram  terrorists, who occupied territory, schools, finance houses , business were shot, the roads were inaccessible, today the situation has changed  to the better,” he said.

He said that with the  purposeful  leadership of  Buhari  and the increasing capacity of the Armed forces,  Nigeria  was  getting  better  and stronger, as one indivisible nation  and would continue to forge ahead.

“But we all as Nigerians and the elite in particular have a great job today, to  safeguard our nation,“ Mohammed said.(NAN)

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