#EndSARS Protest: How Police Deceived Me To Arrest Eromosele Adene – Sister

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A sister to an #EndSARS protester, Onomene Adene, has explained how she was deceived by the police to arrest her brother, Eromosele Peter Adene.

Onomene, who appeared Sunrise Daily Tuesday, lamented she was used as bait by a group security operatives to to her brother Saturday last week.

Saturday (November 7), I got a call some minutes past 7am from a man who said he was formerly a , he said he had gone to our which used to be at GRA; we moved just before the lockdown to Ipaja,” she narrated the Channels Television breakfast show.

She added, “He said he went to our at GRA and discovered we are no more there, but he had a parcel for my dad who is the the .

“Seeing we were no more there, he came to Allen where we stay. He said he was at Solanke; I didn’t know where Solanke was and I told him to come to First Bus Stop.”

On getting to the meeting venue, Eromosele’s sister said she could not figure out the man’s face and as she approached him, she discovered that the parcel was not what he claimed it was.

She described the parcel as a black nylon containing some items, adding that it was then she realised that something had gone wrong.

A photo combination a police crest and Eromosele Adene, a Lagos-based #EndSARS protester who was arrested on November 7, 2020.

‘They Deceived Me’
Onomene narrated further, “I just asked him (the man), how can I help you, and the next thing he said was he’s looking for Peter. ‘You are looking for my brother, why? While I was still asking, the next thing I heard was ‘these are my men’, I turned around and I saw three men and I was like what’s going on here?

“He said he was looking for Peter; they bought commodities from him, they transferred money to his Zenith account, and he didn’t deliver the commodities. I told him my brother does not sell anything; this story, I’m not buying it.

“My brother is a musician, he is a philanthropist, he is the owner of Belle Full Naija on , he takes care of the less privileged.”

Eromosele’s sister stated that despite giving the details of what her brother does, the men insisted that she take them to her house, but she hesitated.

In the process, she said a group of policemen in three Toyota Hilux vehicles arrived at the scene – led by one Hamzat who is a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP).

“They deceived me to to my brother. When they got to the house, they were still telling the story of how they bought commodities from him and he didn’t deliver.

“Even when the lawyer came in, the lawyer asked them, ‘are you here to effect an arrest?’ And he said, no, and still, they took my brother away that same day,” Onomene said.

She faulted the tagging her brother as one of the conveners of the #, stressing that he was just like every normal demonstration.

According to Onomene, Eromosele is a normal Nigerian youth with no particular or role played in the #.