Environmental experts urge Lagos Govt, councils to fund flood mapping, environmental protection

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– Dr Shakirudeen Odunugam, a lecturer with the University , on Wednesday urged the  state and its councils to provide funds for flood mapping and .

Odunuga said this at the stakeholders’ workshop on Transformation and Resilience Urban Coast (TRUC), Mega – City held .

He said there was the for governments at all levels to provide funding to assist gathering data for flood mapping, saying it would assist physical and transformation.

Odunuga said such data would be fed into the flood risk indepth flood mapping.

He said cities involved the flood mapping included London, New York, Tokyo, Calcutta, India and .

Odunuga said the result such effort would be used for proper planning urban cities, to the negative effects of flooding and for sustainability.

“Flood mapping is an that defines those areas which are at risk of flooding under certain conditions.

“The primary aim is to the impact of flooding through enhanced understanding and awakening on flood and its risk.

“It also improves preparedness for future flood event and flood risk management,” he said.

Odunuga said there was the for guidelines for flood mapping in order to pursue the process of establishing flood hazards maps.

He called on all relevant agencies to also provide the data needed for development.

In his presentation, Dr Julius Agboola, a research scientist with Land Ocean Interaction in Global Zones, said that the initiative was aimed at creating the ability to make of flood data in order for users to be more resilient.

Agboola said it would also bring about the development of the aquatic system.

“The major problem we have in Lagos coastal zone is the sea level rise and ocean surge. And we want to learn how to cope with it as done in Tokyo and to generate data for change in Lagos,’’ he said.

The aim of the workshop was to create awareness on the to build database to contribute to global flood mapping. (NAN)