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EU Provides $1.45m Humanitarian Aid To Sri Lanka


Colombo – The European Union (EU) has released 1.5 million euros (1.45 million dollars) in humanitarian aid to respond to the ongoing socio-economic crisis affecting millions of people in Sri Lanka.

A statement from the EU, on Thursday, said the new EU funding would mainly focus on multipurpose cash interventions to respond to the basic needs of the population, among which were food, health, education, and protection was the urgent priorities.

The statement underlined that the humanitarian assistance would target the most vulnerable households that required immediate support.

Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management of the EU, said the people of Sri Lanka were suffering the hardship of a protracted socio-economic crisis that was increasingly exhausting resources and threatening food security of millions of people.

“With this new humanitarian funding, the EU reaffirms its support to the most vulnerable and will support the humanitarian response on the ground,” the commissioner said.

Sri Lanka is facing one of its worst economic crises as the island country faces a shortage of foreign currency leading to shortage of essential supplies such as fuel, medicines and even food items. (Xinhua/NAN)

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