Ex-PDP governors blast Jonathan, vow to scuttle his second term bid

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State governors who left the ruling Peoples (PDP) last year to form the Peoples (nPDP) before finally merging with the All Progressives Congress (APC) have vowed to abort the term ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“We have noted President Jonathan’s claim made last Thursday at the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the PDP in the federal capital, to the effect that PDP is missing us, as well as his boast that some of us cannot win even our wards during ,” the ex-PDP Governors said in a issued on their behalf in Port Harcourt on Sunday by former National Publicity Secretary of the defunct nPDP, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze.

The former PDP governors described Jonathan’s claims as “both shocking and ridiculous considering that he wouldn’t have been President today if for our sacrifices which ensured that he won both the PDP Presidential Primaries and the 2011 .”

Eze cited Governor Chibuike of Rives State as an example. “ is on record that Rivers State under Amaechi’s watch made Jonathan’s possible by delivering million votes in his favour during the 2011 presidential polls. For the same Dr. Jonathan to turn around, only three years down the line, to describe Governor Amaechi as a political lightweight who cannot win his ward speaks volumes about how ungrateful and uncharitable a man he is,” Eze said.

The former nPDP spokesman berated the PDP for commending and congratulating Jonathan on his handling of the security challenges facing the country, including the Haram insurgency. The said: “By commending President Jonathan at a time when he has proved to be completely overwhelmed by the security challenges confronting Nigeria, PDP has demonstrated without any reasonable doubt that has lost its sense of value, which explains why is celebrating a clueless and spineless President who watched helplessly as insurgents took away and has kept 200 innocent schoolgirls, and who continues to watch as Nigerians are slaughtered like chicken on a daily basis. is unfortunate that PDP should be commending a sleeping, confused and misguided without showing any sympathy for the wanton killing of innocent Nigerians by outlaws. PDP should hide its ugly face in shame. Nigerians should get ready to oust this ruthless party that has brought hardship and shame to our country, come 2015.”

As for President Jonathan, Eze told told him “to prepare for a grand political war come 2015 as the ex-PDP Governors, working in concert with democratic forces in APC, are battle-ready to send him and his directionless PDP packing from the Presidential Villa in Abuja so as to rescue Nigeria from the doom towards which Jonathan and PDP are inevitably leading the country to.”