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Expert says diet can reduce menopausal problems


IBADAN – A nutritionist at the University College Ibadan (UCH), Mr Tunde Ajobo, says some diets can bring about relief to women on menopausal challenges.
He made the disclosure in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan on Friday.
Ajobo described menopause as the end of a woman’s fertile period and said hormonal imbalance which occurs during this stage, causes many uncomfortable symptoms in most women.
The nutritionist, who is also the Head of the Department of Dietetics, UCH, said the way women reacted to these changes in their bodies vary from woman to woman.
He said that no two women would manifest the same symptom the same way.
“To ease hot flushes, foods that are likely to trigger or worsen hot flushes and night sweats should be avoided.
“For instance, stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, chocolates and spicy foods, should not be taken at night because they are notorious for setting off hot flushes.
“To tackle tiredness challenges, avoid snacking on sugary foods because they aid the sharp increase in blood glucose level which may cause fatigue.
“Eating fresh fruits and nuts will ease off this problem,” he said.
Ajobo said many people associated menopause with weight gain, but that as they aged, they need fewer calories, eating a bit less sounds a simplistic solution but it would help.
He said that many people associated menopause with weight gain and for that they should reduce their food quantity and take in fewer calories as they aged.
“Watch the amount of fat in your diet and cut back on sugar. Eat complex carbohydrates, such as brown grains, whole meal pasta, bread and rice.
“These will help balance blood sugar levels and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
The nutritionist advised women in this situation to visit their doctors if the conditions get out of control. (NAN)

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