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Expert warns against unprofessional, unscientific exploitation of water resources


Abuja- Mr Michael Nwabufo, Director of Hydrogeology, Nigeria Hydrogeological Services Agency (NIHSA), on Wednesday warned against engaging unprofessional people for water exploration, saying that it endangered the underground water aquifers.

Nwabufo gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

‘’You see the issue of uncoordinated, unscientific and unprofessional exploration and exploitation of water poses a great danger to our present day existence and also in our future existence.

‘’Why? because one, they are done by people who are not professionals, they don’t do it in conformity with lay down standards that aere not taught in school, but we have a code for doing.

‘’Every water you see, is a part of what we called hydrological cycle and so when you take water, you have to be mindful of its replenishment or what we call recharge.

‘’If you are taking water without having adequate recharge which it needs, you are endangering the water because what now is like you are mining the water instead of just tapping to get what you need and hoping to have a replenishment.’’

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The water expert advised borehole drillers to involve the services of hydro-geologists in sinking of water (borehole), adding that such experts were trained to detect where drinkable water cycle is located on the ground.

According to him, geologists play an extremely important role in exploring and discovering natural resources and the mineral wealth of the earth.

He stated further that geologists also observed the structure of the earth and the soil to evaluate the conditions of such areas, if they were suitable for constructions of any kind.

Nwabufo said that the country might likely face depletion of fresh water aquifers in the nearest future due to incessant exploitation of the resources by the untrained people.

The director, therefore, called on the relevant authority to formulate policy which would facilitate and regulate sinking of boreholes in the country. (NAN)

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