Experts advise workers on keeping office hygiene

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summer. sweaty. And sometimes means are trailing some pungent body odours their colleagues can’t help but smell. But how do you tactfully inform co-workers they stink and need address ? As Cath Ludeman-Hall will tell you, isn’t easy.

She just out college and a newbie at a staffing firm when she asked gently talk an older worker in a retail warehouse after his colleagues complained he stank.


company loved him and wanted hire him permanently,” she remembers. “However, he did have a pretty strong body odor issue.”

man a recent immigrant, Ludeman-Hall remembers — hard-working and earnest. Twenty years later, she still remembers details. She brought a kit deodorant and soap to offer him. In addition to overcoming her own mortification, she says, she also had to a difference in how his culture regarded sweat.