Experts caution against excessive, unprescibed use of s*x stimulants

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By Joan Odafe

Lagos – Some experts have cautioned against excessive and sometimes unprescribed use of stimulant in view of its implications.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that stimulants could be found in orthodox and natural forms, including herbs, foods and fruits.

NAN reports that stimulants have become popular in the quest to sexual satisfaction, improve poor marital relationships and, in some cases, to improve self-esteem.

Some experts have, however, cautioned that continous usage and abuse of sex stimulants could lead to addiction and damage to the nerves.

A Relationship Counsellor, Mr Agboola Odunfa, said sexual performance and libido is determined most times by a person’s emotional and mental .

“Once you’re able to establish that mentally and emotionally you cannot cure it, then sexual stimulants be suggested.

“For me, it is necessary; don’t allow anything to into my brain; it’s a competition, do to impress anyone sexually,” he said.

Agboola cautioned against the use of sexual stimulants to avoid dependence on it.

Nsikak Udo-Etuk, Pharmacist, Whitewood Pharmacy, Festac Town, Lagos, said sex stimulants are supportive both males and females resort to satisfy their partners.

“To be realistic, there is stress all over; the stress of work, staying in for long periods and meeting up financially.

“By the time they and want to have sex, they cannot satisfy their partners, so they resort to it,” he said.

Udo-Nsikak advised that people should find ways to de-stress and reduce their use of sexual stimulants to avoid addiction.

“It’s not even about using the wrong ones, if they keep indulging in it, it cause damage to their nerves, inability to concentrate or problems with their heart.

“Eventually they will not be able to have sex without the aid of those things; they cannot do it naturally anymore,” he said.

Herbal sex stimulants

Abdulazeez Mohammed, who deals in Kayan Mata (sexual enhancement things for women) and popularly known as Abdul among his customers, said herbal sexual enhancers are safer because they are natural.

Abdul noted that majority of the issues men have sexually were related to their excessive intake of sugar, infections, cold, diabetes, blood pressure and haemorrhoids.

He said the treatment plan for most of his customers, whether male or female, was to treat the underlying cause, which when achieved care of their sexual challenges.

Abdul cautioned users to desist from using prescriptions gotten from social platforms and seek the opinion of experts in the field to avoid misdiagnosis and wrong prescriptions.