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Family Celebrates New Year With Motherless Children


By Raji Rasak

Badagry (Lagos State) – The family of Rev. Solomon Hunwi on Monday visited the Hephzibah homes for the motherless children in Badagry, Lagos, to celebrate new year with them.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the family, children of the orphanage and staff who appeared in same attires, danced to music, cranked jokes and sang different songs.NAN also reports that the children were given delicious food and drinks and there were joy and happiness in their faces.Addressing the children, Hunwi urged them to be closer to God, be obedient to the authority and take instructions from the people taking care of them.“May be after being abandoned by your parents, some of you here would have joined bad gang or some would have gone to the grave.“But thank God for directing some people to come and establish this place for your upkeep.“Children, what we are celebrating today is new year, looking back from January to December 2022, everyone will say thank God for preserving our lives.“It takes the grace of the Lord to be alive today and that’s why I organised this party here with you,” he said.He said that he had been celebrating new year in his home in the last 40 years, adding that something manifested to him that he should celebrate with the less privileged.Hunwi said he had met the staff of the orphanage to know the procedure in organising party at the home and they welcomed him.“I have brought my tailor here to measure all the children and staff so that we can put on same attires for this occasion so that it will be colourful.“It is my pleasure to celebrate the first day of the year with the motherless children and it gives me joy to be celebrating among them,” he said.He promised to make the visit a yearly affair.Also, Mrs Joke Hunwi, the wife, said when her husband came with the idea of visiting the orphanage she supported it.“Honestly, being in the midst of motherless children reminds me of so many things when I was growing up.“I feel so delighted seeing their smiling faces and my joy is unlimited seeing them eating, singing and dancing with us,” she said.Miss Chinyere Okafor, Senior Care-Giver, Hephzibah homes, said the children were happy because the man had organiséd new year party for them.She prayed God to continue to bless the family and give them the grace to continue what they started.Okafor said that different people had been coming with food items and cash gift for the children as a result of the season.Okafor said Hephzibah Homes is a home for orphans, destitute, abused and vulnerable children.She said the homes was owned by Tree of Life in Apapa, Lagos where huge amount of money was being sent monthly for their upkeep.(NAN)

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