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Father of ex-Super Eagles goalie calls for two political party system in Nigeria



Goalie, Austin Ejide

AGULU (ANAMBRA)- An Octogenarian, Chief Silas Ejide, father of one-time Super Eagles goalie, Austin Ejide, has appealed to government to revert to two-party system to control political impasse common in today’s political structures.

The octogenarian made the appeal in his country home, Agulu, Anaocha Local Government Area, Anambra, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday.

Ejide said that old-time political electioneering appears to be much stable and it embraced the spirit of sportsmanship than what is obtainable with present political actors.

He said that during their time in politics, he served as Chairman and Secretary of Nigerian People’s Party (NPP) ward III as was appointed by the Governor of the old Eastern Region, Chief Jim Nwaobodo, for Njikoka Local Government Area.

Ejide further stated that he was also elected Councilor for Njikoka/Anaocha in January 4, 1988, and that all these years there was no political rancor that would lead to killing of brothers but today the story has changed in the negative.

He said if the country reverts to a two-party system, aspirants would be left with no choice but to stick to its political party and wait for the next political dispensation instead of running from one party to the other.

“In old politics, people come around to serve and if the person loses party nomination he quickly accepts the decision and waits for another round of selection, we were not desperate.

“People come into politics with their money either in kind in terms of service to render for the common good of the people or cash begging to serve, there was humility and respect for human life and fear for accountability.

“Old-time politics is a field where interesting games are played, no permanent enemy, politics are played with native intelligence, we learn from each other and go back to re-plan if not successful,” he said.

Ejide said a return to two-party system would eliminate lots of political confusion, economic waste, political insecurity, and violence, amongst other vices, seen in multi-party political system of the country.

 “We have over 90 political parties but only eight political parties are represented in the National Assembly, namely APC, PDP, APGA,NNP, YPP, SDP and PRP.

“The oldest party out of the eight parties represented in the national assembly is the PRP, formed in 1978, ADC 2005, SDP 1989,YPP 2017,APGA 2003, PSP 1998 and APC 2013,” he said.

Ejide said that although 18 political parties have been registered by the electoral body for the 2023 general election as against over 90 political parties in 2019, “I am appealing that the number be trimmed to two parties to checkmate political violence.

He suggested that political reformation is urgently needed in Nigeria as the present political actors amongst the leading parties could merge to form two formidable party with standard manifesto to bequeath younger generation a sound and peaceful polity.

He also urged religious bodies to take up the responsibility of building the minds of young people in core values of life so as to have a sane society where people would have and show respect to instituted authorities.

Ejide said that cultural values are fast eroding the society and described such act as worrisome and advised parents, guardians, teachers to look inward to train the youngsters alright. (NAN)

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