FCT board assures of provision of portable water

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– The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Water Board has assured the water supplied by the board is potable.

The acting director the board, Michael Adebayo, gave the assurance in an interview with the News Agency Nigeria in on Friday.

Adebayo said the board always conscious to treat raw water properly before supplying .

 Adebayo’s assurance followed the concern expressed by some the refuse carried by floods from the surrounding settlements could pollute the water in Usuma Dam.

He noted that the dam vulnerable to pollution by refuse generated from Mpape community, but stressed that the Board would continue to properly treat the water and ensure eradication contaminants.

“If there is no pollution there will be no for water in the first place.

“The anticipated that the dam could be infiltrated by refuse from some slums; that is why it ensured establishment dams on ground to such infiltration.

“The city is developing rapidly, a place like Mpape which used to be a small settlement has witnessed rapid population growth,’’ he said.

He noted that the increased population raised the volume of waste generated and carried to the dam through erosion during the rainy season.
“But we ensure that the water is properly treated and is healthy for consumption,’’ he said.

He assured residents that it a matter of priority to special attention to water supplied to the FCT because of its strategic importance.

“FCT is the seat of and a lot of international figures come here from time to time; and so, we cannot compromise the of the water we to the territory.

“We have a control department that monitors the water right from the dams to the point of consumption,’’ he stressed.

On the shortage of water experienced recently in parts of Abuja, the acting director said it was due to expansion work at the plant.

 “There is provision for expansion of dam and the deemed it fit to annex more water from River Gurara in Kaduna State to boost water to all parts of the territory.

“ We are now trying to lay pipes from that dam directly to of new plants and that is the work that has been going on.

“That is why some hilly places around Maitama and Asokoro, as well as some satellite towns liky Karu and Nyanya have been experiencing shortage of water.

“The work will be completed in a matter of days and water will become even better,’’ he assured.

He said that the generation by the board had increased considerably, and appealed to residents to improve on their cooperation with the board. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]