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Flashback: How ‘ordinary’ ward chairman nailed Oshiomhole’s political coffin… for good! By Samuel Ajayi

•Adams Oshiomhole

Kindly, take a look at these points and see how Oshiomhole’s arrogance and lack of tact led to  his potential political downfall.

•Oshiomhole was suspended by his Ward chairman as a MEMBER OF THE PARTY and not as chairman. And he didn’t take it serious. In fact, he dismissed them.

•Instead of vacating it or appealing it, he continued “acting” as National Chairman of the the party.

•Instead, he chose to suspend them and supplant them (ward, local government and state excos of the party in Edo) and set up a parallel Exco.

•But the Anselm Ojezua-led Exco was the authentic state party chairman and he has court order to that effect which has not been vacated. And he also occupies the recognised Secretariat of the party.

•Oshiomhole needed to go back to his Ward and appeal the decision to suspend him so that the suspension could be lifted. But that is now late as the Ward Chairman is loyal to the Ojezua-led Exco who was in turn loyal to Gov. Obaseki.

•The last time APC had a National Executive Committee, NEC, meeting was in 2018. Yet, the constitution of the party MANDATES that NEC meeting “SHALL” be held FOUR times a year. It is MANDATORY!

•Yet, Oshiomhole has not called any NEC meeting since the one that was held to produce Buhari. He knew if he called it, they might turn it to a mini-convention and sack him.

•And during that last NEC meeting, it was decided that EACH STATE could decide the mode of primary election they liked and then get back to the national office of the party who would now appoint officials to supervise the primary. That was what they did in Kogi Bayelsa and that was why the Edo APC decided they didn’t want direct primaries.

•The last two conventions held by the party were the one that produced Oshiomhole himself as National Chairman and the one that ratified Buhari as candidate in December 2018 for the 2019 Presidential election. In fact, the one that produced him was not conducted by him.

•He personally appointed Lanre Isa-Onilu as National Publicity Secretary and Bulama as National Secretary. Yet, these guys were supposed to be elected via a mini-convention while their deputies should act until they were duly elected.

•Technically, these officials are not recognised BY THE LAW as they were not products of a mini-convention of the party.

•Now, what has floored Oshiomhole was that suspension by an unknown Ward Chairman of his party in his hometown.

•Like my brother Akinloye NG told me, in party politics, after the National Chairman of a party, the most powerful (but mainly unknown) is the Ward Chairman.

My Take
And that is why Ize-Iyamu has to go back to his APC Ward and apply for waiver. The Ward Chairman will forward it to the Local Government Chairman of the party who will send it to state and then to Zonal and then to national secretariat. Then the National Working Committee, NWC,  would meet, send it to NEC for RATIFICATION.

PDP has quickly held their own emergency NEC so they could grant waiver to Obaseki if he joins them.

Without waiver, as a new entrant, you are not qualified to contest.

So Oshiomhole should go and beg his Ward Chairman!

Who might even be an ordinary vulcaniser doing politics as part-time…

This piece was posted on Facebook on 17 June 2020. The suspension on Adams Oshiomhole is said to have been lifted today (20 June 2020) by the ward APC Exco.

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