Footballer, Farid El Melali Arrested For Allegedly Jerking Off In Public After Signing A New Contract With His Club

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Farid El Melali

Algerian and Angers winger, Farid El Melali was arrested after he was allegedly caught masturbating in public in France.

The international had only just signed a contract extension until with Ligue 1 club Angers earlier on Monday before he was allegedly seen later in the evening masturbating while peering into a female neighbour’s flat.

The footballer’s lawyer Sandra Chirac-Kollarik said: “He wasn’t targeting anyone, and wasn’t aggressive towards anyone.”

The winger admitted an “inappropriate attitude” when police arrested him questioning. He has since been charged with indecent exposure.

El Melali is said to have claimed that he thought he was alone in the courtyard of the building in question.

He was released but will be “tried soon in the context of a pre-conviction appearance, the equivalent of a guilty plea,” add Le Parisien.

The prosecutor alleges there is an allegation against El Melali for a similar offence in April, although the witness was reportedly unable to identify him.

The Algerian footballer is expected to be fined by his club.

Angers have acknowledged the situation but said they will “wait for the decision” before commenting further.