Former amputee scribe decries non-participation of Nigeria in Amputee World Cup

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LAGOS – Pius , a Secretary of the Amputee Football Federation (NAFF), on decried the non-participation of the nation’s the forthcoming Amputee World Cup Mexico.

told the News Agency of (NAN) Lagos their absence at the football fiesta November would discourage the players from participating the sport and would make them return reckless lifestyle.

non-participation in this World Cup really cause the down fall of amputee football in because I know there be problems. [eap_ad_2] “Look at these boys; they are going back the streets because they have nothing live on.

“If they were in they would be engaged in some so they do not put their minds street life.

“The token the can pay them as camping allowance sustain them. Their not going to world cup has caused a lot of setback to what was started before.“

He said that the amputee footballers were no longer engaged in regular sessions as a result of the development.

also told NAN that NAFF was also sanctioned for the non-payment of its annual affiliation fee, a major pre-requisite for participating in the World Cup. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]