Foundation Says Men of God Should Be Recognised

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By Collins Yakubu-Hammer

Whatapp NewsTelegram News


Abuja –   Love to the World Foundation, an NGO, has called for recognition of men of God who have held their heads up in the midst of adversity to promote love, hope and peace.

Josephine Anumbor-Abraham, the Chief Executive Officer of the foundation made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Abuja.

The inspirational gospel singer said the foundation was therefore recognising says 12 clergies, who had impacted peace, love and tolerance in the country for over 50 years.

She said that the foundation, whose goals cut across recognising great men in the country and assisting the needy in the society, would be men of God in Warri, Delta.

NAN reports that they would be recognised at the `Heroes/Personality Impact Awards’ in Warri.

“The idea was borne out of the conviction that men of God have been a positive tool in regulating inadequacies in the society and leading people to Christ, the Prince of peace.

“We all have that tendency to fall short of God’s expectations of us and get involved in vices that do not glorify God.

“It is the teachings of these men of God that have continuously saved us from wallowing in sin and reminds us of the need to live our lives to the exaltation of God.

“Men of God, who make the sacrifices of studying and teaching the dictates of God ought to be honoured as they have contributed immensely in ensuring that there is peace in our country.

“We have also celebrated people who uplifted the less privileged and indigent in our society through our Love to the World Caregivers Award, this time we are set to honour pastors,’’ she added.

The producer of `Searching’, a movie which featured Nollywood stars like Eucharia Anunobi, Yemi Blaq among others said that there were people in the society whose aim was to make mockery of men of God.

According to her, such people failed to recognise the impact of men of God in maintaining peace in Nigeria and giving hope to people who have given up on themselves.

“Imagine if we don’t have pastors who preach to people to change from their evil ways, do you know what this country would have turned into.

“Thus, we are going back to where we were saved to appreciate the men of God who have held their heads up in the midst of adversity to promote love, hope and peace.

“The pastor don’t force people to give offerings or pay tithes or gate fee to enter the church, so what exactly do people have against pastors?,’’ she wondered.

The movie producer reiterated that pastors preach love, hope and peace and have continued to save sinners who were willing to embrace salvation.

She stressed that these men of God have changed the lives of sinners and led them to God.

“So this is why we decided to honour and encourage them to continue their good works and not relent; we are starting from Warri in Delta.

“We want to remind them that their labour has not been in vain. This will also let them know that as a result of their preaching, some of us are able to lead exemplary lives.

“We are just looking for groups of people that are doing good to appreciate just like we did in 2016, when we awarded people who are peace builders from across the country,” she said. (NAN)

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