Foundation to inaugurate online mentoring platform for women in Nigeria

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By Oluwakemi Oladipo

Lagos -An NGO, Mentoring Her Foundation, says it is set to inaugurate an online mentoring and social platform that virtually connects female mentors and mentees together Nigeria.

Its founder, Dr Lola Adeyemi, who made this known at a virtual news conference on Thursday Lagos, said the online mentoring platform would commence in October.

Adeyemi said that the platform would help the mentors and mentees to develop relationships, and as well help each other grow areas relating to education, entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.

“There is a global limitation of female to female mentorship and barely 54 per cent of women have access to mentors.

“We all know that to achieve a lot different careers, we need a mentor because they help people to avoid costly mistakes.

“Starting this online mentoring platform Nigeria is to mentor, inspire and guide women to reach their full academic, career potential and their best lives,” she said.

Adeyemi said that the mentees would be from age 13 and above, while mentors would be 21 years and above.

“Since inception the United States of in 2019, we were able to achieve 377 active mentors, mentees and expert coaches.

“Over 30 per cent new connections formed, with over 40 per cent response rate and women across five continents connected.

“We are bringing online mentoring platform to Nigeria now, because we want every Nigerian women to achieve their full lifetime potential and lead like a woman.

“Some of our upcoming Mentoring Her events include: pichathon, webinar with female thought leaders various industries, jobs shadowing with major companies, virtual networks and access to loans.

“We hope organisations charge of women affairs, empowerment and issues can support and invest in the mentoring platform,” she said.

Also, Ms Seyi Bamidele, the Country Programme Coordinator of the foundation, said that there was a process to monitor both the mentor and mentee when they would be meeting with each other.

Bamidele said it would be a long time platform and that within a year, the mentees would have achieved and learned a lot from the mentor.

“Mentoring Her online platform is completely free for both the mentor and mentee, which means women different careers, can join the platform,” she said.

Bamidele said that some of the features of Mentoring Her platform were: live chat with a mentor, mentee or expert coach.

She said others include: discussion forum to ask burning questions or network with women from different parts of the world, trainings and courses to help the mentee grow, among others.