#FuelPriceHike sparks anger on Twitter

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Nigerians have expressed dissatisfaction over the purported increase in the pump price premium motor spirit also known as petrol by the Federal Government to N212.61 per litre.

Many them took to social media to lament the effects that the increase would have on food prices and transportation in the country.

The Petroleum Pricing Regulatory Agency had revealed in a monthly template that the price Premium Motor Spirit, also known as petrol, has reached N212.6 per litre.

According to the template which the PPPRA released midnight, petrol is expected to sell at a lower retail price of N209.61 and at an upper retail price of N212.61. Nigerian marketers usually use the upper band for pump price.

Many Nigerians also doubted the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation insistence that there won’t be any hike in petrol price in March.

of them, Stanley KC @Le_CaptAwesome, said, “ fare will go up, food Prices will go up. The cost of living, in general, will increase. Guess what will stay the same? Minimum wage and Salaries.”

Another Nigerian, @DrOlufunmilayo described Nigeria as a “jungle”, lamenting that “when this unfortunate government came in, petrol price was 87/litre.”

Lola Okunrin Nigerians to stage a protest against the increases, noting that “Youths, elders, male, female, employed, unemployed, entrepreneurs. Whatever you are in Nigeria, this N212 for fuel affects us all. Let come out like it’s pre-planned, let’s occupy Ojota, let’s occupy Iwo Road, Let’s occupy Benin, let’s occupy NIGERIA. Say NO to #FuelPriceHike.”

“Nigerians struggling to afford basic necessities like food, shelter (that comes with absurd electricity bills). How does the Government respond? Increase in fuel price!” @MorrisBaker_ tweeted with an angry emoji.

@aproko_doctor added, “Food prices before have been out of reach for many Nigerians, then you add #FuelPriceHike on of it which will drive up prices of things across board.

“Yet, the average Nigerian’s earning has not increased. How exactly do we want to bring people out of poverty?”

@iam_tandyboy wondered why “the government decided to increase fuel price again to N212 per litre not minding how the citizens have been suffering.”

“Prices of foodstuff at an all-time . No stable electricity, death trap roads, terrible education and healthcare system. We are still waiting for ? ” @Theladyfrances_ said.

@A_MLenin also tweeted, “Those who will benefit this increment are those who have been benefiting previous increments. Poor Nigerians will have their lives made harder while the rich class continue to smile in abundance. No to fuel price increment! End capitalism !”