Fulani will not yield to registration in South-East’

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of the Association of Fulani Chiefs of Nigeria, Alhaji Mohammed Bambado, has said moves to register their kinsmen and women the eastern part of the country would be resisted through legal means.
Bambado, who spoke with Daily Trust yesterday on phone, described the move as unconstitutional and an attempt to create chaos and confusion the country.
He said the country “is still saddled by issue which is yet to tackle, now some people are talking about registering Nigerians a Nigerian state. It is unacceptable and remains rejected. We shall fight it up to the National Assembly. We are not going to fold our arms and allow this to happen in Nigeria, except they will also start registering our brothers and sisters in Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, Gombe, Nassarawa and others”.[eap_ad_2] 
Bambado, who said some people were capitalising on the situation the country to create confusion, added: “There should be other ways of going after criminals. The population of a particular state cannot be taken in isolation without other Nigerians. Registering us means we are no longer part of Nigeria, so where do we belong? We should work hard to resolve the problem we already have at hand, rather than complicating it”.[eap_ad_3]