-Germany allows gay parents to adopt children from previous marriage

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BERLIN – expanded adoptive rights of gay parents on Friday, upper chamber of parliament passing legislation that allows a gay parent’s partner to become legal guardian of a previously adopted child.

Homosexual couples in seal bonds civil partnerships, not marriages.

Though barred initiating adoptions, a same-sex partnership can legally take over biological one partner’s previous heterosexual .

A ruled last year that this right had to apply to the adopted of previous marriages as well.

Judges said that leaving the law unchanged would mean adopted suffered discrimination respect to biological siblings, and directed a law change by June 30 this year.

Under a change drafted by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right coalition government, a gay partner be able to apply for the rights of a parent over an adopted child already in the household.

During debate in the Bundesrat upper chamber, some speakers criticised the Merkel government, saying the amendment was the bare minimum required by the and ought to have been more far-reaching.

France last year allowed gay couples to start adoptions. (dpa/NAN)